Reflex Spray-On Truck Liners

Reflux Truck BedPeople are loving our Reflex Spray-On Truck Liners. Our customers have come back to tell us how they love the look and feel great knowing their cargo is safe and secure. We wanted to tell you a little bit more about this great product and have you come in and get yours installed in your truck-bed today!

What is a Spray-On Bedliner?

Reflex spray-on truck bed liner creates up to ¼” thick forming a protective, rugged and waterproof bed-liner. The chemical materials used in Reflex spray-on are high-end elastomeric polymer that are environmental friendly. It takes only a few hours to install and after installation your truck bed can be used for heavy hauling after only 24 hours.

Different Between Spray-On and Drop-In Truck Liners

Since spray-on leaves no gap between your truck, it provides a weather and water tight seal, preventing rust or corrosion to your truck bed. And unlike truck liners, spray-on doesn’t require drilling holes in your truck bed that leave your truck vulnerable to salt and weather elements that can damage your truck. Bed liners can become loose over time and scratch the truck bed which results in premature rust to your truck. With Drop-in truck liners your cargo slides around on the plastic which can result in your cargo being damaged.

Why We Love Reflex Spray-On Truck Liner

Reflex spray-on truck bed liner won’t peel or crack and is a permanent solution to protect your truck bed liner. It creates a surface that grips your cargo in place to provide protection to even your cargo. Reflex is easy to clean if you get your truck bed dirty. Come into Country Equipment Services to get a look at some of the installations we have done recently or call (920) 892-8111 to schedule yours today!


  • Grips to protect things inside your truck bed
  • Permanent Bond
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Repairable
  • No sliding around in the bed of your truck
  • Cost effective alternative to truck liner